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Dragon Ball Super

Expert Deck [DBS-XD01] - Universe 6 Assailants

Expert Deck [DBS-XD01] - Universe 6 Assailants

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Set: Universe 6 Assailants Sealed
Release Date: 2019-08-02
Universe 6 Assailants is an Expert deck geared towards more advanced players, featuring Saiyans from Universe 6!

If you already know the ropes, there's no better way to power up!

Each Series 7: Universe 6 Assailants - Expert Deck 01 includes:
• 51 Cards
• 1 Assault of the Saiyans booster pack
• 1 Play sheet
• 1 Play manual
(The Leader Card will always be found with a silver and gold foil treatment, while five of the remaining nine cards will be foiled at random)

(Each booster pack contains 12 randomly inserted game cards.)
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