Holiday 2021 Booster Pack (Green/1st Edition)

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Set: Holiday Promos Sealed
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Thank you for joining MetaZoo Games this 2021 Holiday season! Each box xontains 10 Holiday Promo Packs, Each Pack containing 1 Promo Card.

Share something special with your loved ones with holidat season, and thank you for being a part of MetaZoo Community!

• 1 Random Inserted Christmas Holiday Promo Card (1 of 12 – 5 Christmas 2020 2nd Edition + 1 Promo cards, and 5 Christmas 2021 1st Edition + 1 Promo cards).

The different color booster packs did not distinguish between pulling a promo card, or a holo card, or a card from 1st edition rather than 2nd edition. The two booster pack variants (red and green) were purely decorative differences.

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