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Weebs of the Shore

Lancelot, Goliath of Aesa (CSR) (037) [Fractured Crown]

Lancelot, Goliath of Aesa (CSR) (037) [Fractured Crown]

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Set Name: Fractured Crown
Release Date: 2023-08-25
Rarity: Collector Super Rare
Card Name: Lancelot, Goliath of Aesa
Card Number: 037
Flavor Text: "I greet the burden of a thousand lives..."
Card Type: Ally;Unique
Card Subtype: Human
Element: Norm
Class: Warrior;Guardian
Reserve Cost: 4
Power: 2
Life: 3

[Class Bonus] [Level 2+] Lancelot gets +2 Life.

On Attack: You may pay (3). If you do, Lancelot gets +3 Power until end of turn.
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